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Passionate about wood & love to create

Placing your order is as simple as sending a message through our website or social media channels, if you prefer human contact

if you don’t, then you can place an order directly trough the webshop and just wait for the doorbell to ring

Fabsfurniture designs and creates functional Art. Fabsfurniture designs are the result of a wide range of techniques, materials, tools, and years of dedication to the craft & relationships.

We are currently creating our portfolio to realize the highest results to participate in several International Design Awards and Exhibitions in Renowned Museums.

You’ll find, among others, these in our collection:
Chambered Hollow Wooden Surfboard , A Wooden Hammock, A Wooden Sink, A wooden single piece Skateboard, Mirrors, Industrial Style Tables, Wooden Showerhead, Creating unique items is our passion.

For inquiries, please send us a message or follow us on Instagram 
Our Timeless pieces are created to be a part of history. Fabsfurniture pieces are an investment that will last you a lifetime but probably even longer.

Our clients

Artisan bois , atelier design intérieur, pour tout project, rénové d'intérieur, aménagement camping-car, table resin, planche surf / s.u.p
Oak-dinner-table-Dining-Room-table- FabsFurniture designs
wood-interior-chestnut-dining-table-table-Black-matel-lags- FabsFurniture Designs

About FabsFurniture & it's Founder Fabian Slikkerveer

Today, FabsFurniture HQ and workshop proudly reside in Praia da Areia Branca, Portugal, on the beach where we can surf & continue to craft exceptional furniture that seamlessly blends meticulous artistry with a keen eye for craftsmanship & detail