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Young, modern & Dynamic

FabsFurniture offers high quality work crafted from sustainable materials and personal service

our strength lies in the fact we do the entire process

-from design to finish-  in house, which means we skip the cumbersome steps of  supplies from overseas, wholesalers,  carbon heavy shipping and therefore we can rapidly scale and/or adapt


if you click the little green whatsapp button you will be immediately in touch, not with a chatbot, not with a foreign language service, 

but directly with who you need to talk to so we can go ahead in an instant


More Value, Less waste

FabsFurniture designs are the result of a wide range of techniques, materials, tools, and years of dedication to the craft & relationships.

FabsFurniture designs elegant and lasting wooden interiors and items in modern style with a passion for designing and creating, a modern style of woodworking, we can create almost anything.

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