V3 Wooden hammock with wooden stand


The V3 is the latest addition to our collection of wooden hammocks,

Made with real wood and therefore super stable and lasting, We hope you love them as much as we do!

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Enjoy the elegant feel of real wood

solid wood just feels different, you don’t need to be a woodworker to know that a house with real wood inside feels homier, cosier, for some reason,it’s hard to explain, but easy to see

this hammock will garuantee become the conversation topic with your guests and friends

the perfect place to kick back and read a book or Catch up on phonecalls with friends

all the pieces of this hammock can be individually replaced, making this unique furniture piece one that will stay with you indefinitely

the design was made purposely to be easy to maintain by choosing a natural oil finish, so you can bring back the beautiful shine at any time

if for some reason many years down the line there is ever a problem with your hammock you can order replacement parts on our website and without the use of tools, by just undoing the knots, replacing the pieces and tying a new knot your hammock is ready to go again forany more years

we love the idea of heirloom furniture that lasts generations, and as a trendsetter in our modern economy we make items that bring the best of sustainable materials, FSC certified wood

repairable, beautiful furniture that will make your friends go WOW & that you can enjoy and relax in for many more years and can be passed along generations like the kings and queens did for many generations before


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