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"FabsFurniture geeft garantie voor goede mooi en unieke houten spullen. Van snijplanken tot hangmatten, tot spiegels. Daarnaast erg vriendelijk in contact en komt zijn afspraken na 🙂 Erg tevreden met wat ik heb aangeschaft."
Sanne H


Why FabsFurniture?

FabsFurniture offers high quality, reliable B2B wholesale supply chain for wood products.

wholesale wood design high quality items, made in Europe.

Because we are in the forest area, close to our mill and workshop we can produce in high quantity efficiently.

More Value, Less waste

FabsFurniture designs are the result of a wide range of techniques, materials, tools, and years of dedication to the craft & relationships.

FabsFurniture designs elegant and lasting wooden interiors and items in modern style with a passion for designing and creating, our modern style woodworking, we can create almost anything.

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